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I work with driven women ready to leverage their inner wisdom and resources to create a purposeful, fulfilling and meaningful next chapter.

About Carla

Years ago, while browsing the aisles in a cute gift shop, I came across a tea towel printed with this saying:


"When something goes wrong in your life, just yell PLOT TWIST and move on."


Talk about an "a-ha" moment! In those few words, I found a subtle but powerful mantra to shift my perspective, and choose a narrative that better aligned with how I wanted to feel, and how I wanted to be in that moment. 

This isn't 'toxic positivity' at work. Rather, it's the understanding that at any given moment, we get to consciously choose our thoughts. Honing that understanding helped me unlock a powerful way to show up in life, at work, with my family and for myself, and it's at the core of my mindset and life transition coaching practice. 

Everyone deserves to live the life they want, and I am passionate about supporting you along the journey to confidence, belief, and the power of choice to make it happen.

Carla sitting on a chair smiling.
Carla leading a workshop in front of a screen that says thoughts, feelings, actions, outcomes.

unleash your potential 


How would it be to experience the fulfillment of consciously shaping your life in alignment with your deepest dreams and aspirations? Whether you're in the midst of a significant transition, feeling that inner nudge that it's time for a change, or simply wanting more for yourself, I'm here to walk alongside you on the journey to your next chapter.


Rediscover your authentic self beyond the guard rails of your current roles and limiting beliefs. Let's co-create a vision that lights you up and chart your path forward. Feel seen, heard, and empowered to rewrite your story and take inspired action to bring it to life!


Through our work together, you will:

  • Reclaim your power, energy and purpose in the midst of change

  • Gain the clarity you crave to envision a next chapter that excites you

  • Cultivate self-compassion, and master the ability to more consciously respond to the plot twists in your own life

  • Create a powerful plan of action that moves you in the direction of your ideal vision

  • Identify and move through the blocks that may be stopping you or slowing you down

  • Have a built-in accountability partner who will keep your vision, momentum and energy alive

Curious to learn more about how we'd work together?  Let's connect for an exploration call.

Carla in a Zoom workshop flashing the peace sign.



© Carla Greengrass

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