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Hi! I'm Carla. 

I help working women prioritize their needs, establish boundaries and cultivate clarity around their goals so they can be more productive, empowered and achieve success on their terms. 

Why I do what I do

In today's 'busy, crazy' world, the delicate dance between career and life is usually more mosh pit than waltz.  Many of us want balance in our lives. Few of us achieve it.  And most of us are beating ourselves up over it.  We get frustrated. We blame ourselves. We blame others. 



Ultimately, we rationalize, do what we have to do and settle

for the way things are.  How many times a week do you

mutter, "it is what it is," and move on.  But what if...


What if, instead of letting life happen to us, we embraced the idea that we have a choice.  Because free will and freedom of choice are a thing! Choice is the freedom to see things as we desire, to feel what we want and live as we create our lives to be.  In each moment, we get to choose how we want to experience life.  We get to choose how we want to show up. True story. 

As your coach

Working together, we'll explore what you're currently tolerating, bring awareness to what you truly want in key areas of your life, establish the parameters of what success means to you and for you, and then build and implement the plans to achieve it.  

You've got big goals! Businesses to build, careers to forge, relationships to nurture, families to raise and yourself to take care of.   So, let's get to work! 

A little more about me

Prior to launching my coaching practice, I was an Executive Director and Founding Leader with the social retail company Stella & Dot. There, I built, coached and mentored an international sales force of over 1000 entrepreneurial women, inspiring them to reach their highest potential. 

I began my career in public relations, working in both agency and corporate settings, managing client relationships, media relations and overseeing new business development. Over the course of my 17 year career, I worked with clients ranging from Ethan Allen, Lenox Crystal & China and Swatch Watch to The New York Times Sunday Magazine, celebrity chef Bobby Flay, Absolut Vodka and Phillips Consumer Electronics, among others. 


I completed my professional coach certification training with iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and also earned the designation of Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment Master Practitioner. I earned my undergraduate degree from Lehigh University, and attended the prestigious Radcliffe Publishing Course in Cambridge, MA. 

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