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About Carla

Years ago, I came across the quote:


"When something goes wrong in life, just yell PLOT TWIST and move on."


Irreverent as it was, that quote changed my life. It represented a subtle, but powerful shift in perspective; an invitation to consciously choose the narrative that aligns with my values and vision and best supports how I want to feel, and how I want to live.


Harnessing that power of choice unlocked a whole new way of being, and it is at the core of my mindset and life transition coaching practice. 


I wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves to live the life they want, and I am passionate about supporting you along the journey to confidence, belief, and the power of choice to make it happen.

Carla sitting on a chair smiling.
Carla leading a workshop in front of a screen that says thoughts, feelings, actions, outcomes.



Are you ready to experience the fulfillment of consciously shaping your life in alignment with your deepest dreams and aspirations? Whether you're facing a significant transition or simply feeling that inner urge for change, I'm here to walk alongside you on your journey towards your next chapter.


Imagine a life where every choice you make propels you closer to your dreams. Together, we can navigate the twists and turns, helping you uncover your true potential and create a path that leads to your desired destination. It's time to take the first step – schedule a free consultation today, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.


In our journey together, you will:

  • Discover clarity and purpose as you pivot into a new stage

  • Cultivate conscious awareness of your thoughts and mindset

  • Embrace the power of choice and own your life experience

  • Reconnect with your inner strength and belief

  • Create a powerful action plan to achieve your goals

Curious to learn more about how we might work together?  Let's connect for a 20 minute exploration call.

Carla in a Zoom workshop flashing the peace sign.



© Carla Greengrass

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