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Each one of us is a perfect, unique energy force.

The Mindset Reset leverages The Energy Leadership Index™ to help you gain clarity around your current mindset and establish a baseline for growth. This proprietary tool is an attitudinal assessment that puts a numerical value to the types of energy you experience and express. After you've taken the assessment, we’ll engage in a two hour conversation to debrief the report, explore how you are showing up in your day-to-day life and under stress, and identify potential opportunities for expansion. The package also includes a 30 minute follow up call to discuss new insights and next steps.


The answer to all questions lies within.

You are unique. Your coaching program should be, too. We'll start with a 30 minute discovery call where I'll ask a few questions to help bring the future you desire into focus, but otherwise the floor is yours! I’ll share back a vision for the work we can do together that aligns with your goals for growth, positive change and forward momentum and if it feels aligned, we'll go from there. All engagements begin with an Energy Leadership Index™ assessment and debrief to lay a strong foundation and baseline for our work together, identify the building blocks of opportunity and any obstacles that may be holding you in place.  Schedule your discovery call today!

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